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Some discussions about wood dummy

After I introduced the history picture of our branch when we took a picture of our sifu with his classmate, I received some questions ask me to explain detail about dummy. I would like to discuss and answer these questions about wood dummies with plesure.
As you know, Wood dummy in Hanoi have special shapes  bellow:
1-   Our dummy shape was introduced in our website:
The dummy is called “ three hands dummy” that means the dummy have three hands. In fact that, there is one more hand in the bottom of the dummy’s body ( We use “hands” to call all the barlings that are arranged in the dummy’s body). However, this hand is not used for 108 movements with dummy, we only use it for another technique and practices. According I wrote in the last article  bài trước This kind of dummy is created by my sifu recommendations. Nowaday, The kind of wood dummy is used in our school, Master Tran Thiet Con ( or Master Sinh) ‘s school and Master Tran Le Hoai Ngoc ‘s school. Additional, I also see some more another shools where have wood dummy shapes like ours.
2-   The Hongkong dummy shape:
The dummy have a big advantage that user can change its location, size, high to be suitable with different people. Moreover, the dummy’s hands is designed as deflecting hands, so that although a small wood can be made a dummy.
3-   The multiple hand dummy shape:
The dummy’s orginal have not been defined. In my opinion, The dummy is rised by creative of people who base in their hard experienced progress. They designed the dummy to serve their own pratice objective that they defined by theirselve after getting the hard practicing experiences.
The different dummy shapes for different practicing lessones, different practicing dummy methods that is natural. However, there are a lot of same characteristics because of the same dummy practicing.
In our 108 movement with dummy form, when we pratice, our legs just move in the spot ( the same with 108 movement form), do not move up or down or circle. With practicing methods of another wood dummy, I just know through movie, photographs, documents and also never pratice; therefore I cannot assess about these methods. However, all practicing methods with dummy have the same requirements for people who want to practice with dummy. The practicing people have to get a high skill about boxing forms that will help them understand and get benefit through practicing with dummy. Practicing with dummy technique is high technique for senior students ( or only for internal senior students) that not only in Vietnam but also in another country.
The above discussion is some my opinions about Wood Dummy, I hope that my sharing is useful for you and can help you improve your knowledge about wood dummy. With pleasure, thank you so much for your attention  
Hanoi, 25/5/2006
Master- Engineer Nguyen Ngoc Noi
(Người dịch: Huấn luyện viên, - thạc sĩ Dương Thùy Dung)

A brief introduction to Meditation

(Excerpt from the book "The nurturing vitality in Vinh Xuan Noi gia" written by Master Nguyen Ngoc Noi)
Currently there are many books on Meditation, including the perception, recognition, analysis, assessment of meditation on many angles. With nearly 40 years of practicing personally, from Yoga (Figure 1) to Vinh Xuan Noi gia (Figure 2), and as in my own enlightenment, I would like to introduce some of my understanding of meditation as follows:
Meditation is the method of practice of the Buddha and is the only method of cultivation to help the practitioner can go to absolute enlightenment, and is the most effective training method that a practitioner can be achieved the purpose of his training.
Fig. 1Fig. 2
During the transmission of Buddhism to his disciples, the Buddha said to people that the only way to achieve absolute enlightenment (release, Moksha) for practicing meditation is: "There is no meditation without wisdom, and there is no wisdom without meditation". That is why the word "Peace" usually sounds along with the word "Meditation" - Meditation Peace. Only with these words "There is no meditation without wisdom, and there is no wisdom without meditation " is already clear the path that the practitioner has to go if he wants to achieve the main goal. In short, meditation is the only way that leads to the release. That is the only one way, extends a lifetime, and sometimes even through several human lifes, and to end the practice bogazhem this road is just meditation, and meditation is the only way that a practitioner has to take to reach the last target of the practice.
Only with meditation, practitioner can achieve absolute tranquility (peace) to his ego appears as completely a flat lake, clear to the depths. Hence the mind and develop awareness of Wisdom, a practitioner is total control of all its sides. Man and the Universe reunite into one. Life and death are of no importance to the practitioner, the man is released, and it is the last target of the practice.
In religious meditation (I want to mention the word "religion"), I think that the religious should still "realize (enlightment)" the absolute truth, which Bodhidharma taught the practitioner, which was able to reach the religious exemption. This meditation is created without a word, passed beyond dogma, just straight to the heart, by the nature of the Buddha.
I'm not religious, but over time with the practice of meditation, following the method of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, I have a few knowledge about the "religious" and now I can set out for discussion, together we should be able to find a better way to Meditation for everyone.
In martial arts training, nurturing vitality or other methods to reach potential human, meditation is the most effective method, which helps the practitioner to achieve the goal of training, along with many other methods. Through meditation practitioner can include other methods of training as a method of breathing, circulation of qi, meditation techniques fantasy ... through which the fastest and best potentials excites people, it brings the practitioner to a very high level of kung fu, that other methods could hardly bring such results.
This is the book I wrote on nurturing vitality, so I can not say much about the other areas. Request permission to present a few of their terms Meditation awareness during practice. To understand more about meditation, you can learn more through a lot of work on Meditation.
For those interested in kung fu Vinh Xuan Noi gia and nurturing vitality Vinh Xuan Noi gia, please read my book on "nurturing vitality in Vinh Xuan Noi gia." I sincerely thank you.
Hanoi, the first days of the New Year 2013
Master Engineer Nguyen Ngoc Noi – Head of the Vietnam Internal Style Family Wing Chun school
Board member of the Committee of the Hanoi Martial Arts Association
Grand Master 10DAN, President-Patriach, Vice President of the Polish Federation of Martial Arts

About the 108 movements form of Vietnam Internal Style Family Wing Chun

Right after we introduced the basic methods of Vietnam internal style Wing Chun in the volume No. 23 December 2003 of the magazine “The modern time” (the article “Wing Chun Viet Nam – the secrets of the past and present”), and especially after we introduced some methods and techniques of our system on our Web site, many people asked me questions about the 108 movement form. Most of the questions were around the reasons for saying “The 108 movement form is the most important form and the most advanced form in the Wingchun system”. Beside that, some students asked me when they would be taught the 108 movement form. In fact, we have already explained some advanced features of the 108 movement form in some articles. Today, I would like to say in more detail about things related to practicing the 108 movement form. If there are some things of our method that are different with those of another Wingchun branch, please understand that all the things I am going to speak here are things I learned from my sifu (teacher).
In our system, there are some prerequisites for learning and practicing the 108 movement form: the student must have acquired an advanced level of some skills, e.g.: “looseness and softness” skill, internal power skill (e.g.: can issue internal force). Start learning and practicing the 108 movement form without these prior skill levels, the student will face great difficulty to meet our standards of doing the 108 movement form.
When doing the 108 movement form, the students must be able to manifest some characteristics such as “three essences”, “the combination of three external elements”, and then “the combination of six elements”, “seven attainments”…, and especially a high rate of doing continuous movements. As everyone knows, speed and rate of doing movements is a very important factor in fighting, movements with high rate make the opponent difficult to follow and react. Another important characteristic that a student must be able to manifest when doing the 108 movement form with his teacher is “sticking hand”. The 108 movement form is a form that clearly shows the close range fighting characteristic and the continuousness of strikes and parries. When doing the 108 movement form, the student is required to not only successfully parry the strikes of the teacher but also respond with powerful and high speed strikes in a high precision. Therefore, with practicing the 108 movement form, students will gradually develop the capability to effectively deal with opponent’s strikes in a tight space and especially the capability to issue powerful strikes from a close distance. All the above things can only be gradually understood through real practicing. Some of my students, which started practicing the 108 movement form earlier than their skills and capabilities, met a lot of difficulties when doing the form and could not meet the requirements. They had to go back to the previous exercises to enhance their skills and capabilities. And in fact, it cost them longer time than it cost the students who started practicing the 108 movement form only after doing very well previous exercises. This is the thing that the students should aware of - don’t be too hasty to practice the 108 movement form without doing very well previous basic exercises.
Some people thought (even wrote in books) that the 108 movement form consists of 54 movements on the right and 54 movements on the left. This is not correct. There are still some movements “in the middle”. The 108 movement form consists of 108 movements. Some movements contain only 1 strike, but some movements contain 2, 3, and even, 4 strikes. As I said previously about the rate of doing movements, a student is required to do about 2 movements per second in real practice with the teacher. With this rate, the student has to do the form repeatedly in about 15 minutes. And in 15 minutes, the student has to do more than a thousand movements. With current capability of most of my students, 15 minutes for practicing the 108 movement form is quite enough. In a TV program on VTV3 about a real class of our school, you can see that my students were very tired after practicing the 108 movement form. In fact, they were a bit out of form, because it was the first class after the Lunar New Year holiday. That holiday without practicing, affected the rate of their movements and the force of their strikes. And only about 10 minutes from 1 hour of the class was introduced in the TV program, so it is hard to see the actual capabilities of my students of doing 108 movement form in that TV program. As I said in the TV program, the capability of a student depends on his kungfu in practicing, so it is normal if in the same class, some students can issue very powerful strikes when other students can only issue weak strikes. Wherever, there are very good students and there are also students that need to try harder to be good. However, we hope that, through some video clips that we introduced, you can have some understanding of the practice of the 108 movement form in our school.
We find that it takes a lot of time to achieve even only some required skills mentioned above in doing the 108 movement form, usually years, not months. It does not take time to remember the movements. The problem is how to get skilled and refined in doing the movements. And I think that it is the same in all martial art systems, the skill in doing movements is important, not the number of movements and forms. Certainly, it is good and helpful to know a lot of movements and forms. But in real fighting, the understanding of the essence and important secrets of a martial art system and especially the skills in that system are crucial. Through this short introduction about the practice of the 108 movement form, I hope you will get more understanding about the techniques and methods of the Vietnam internal style Wing Chun. If there is something that you don’t satisfy or don’t agree with, please sympathize with my knowledge and capability.
On the occasion of the New Year Holiday of 2007, I wish all Wingchun practitioners, Wingchun lovers, our internal style Wing Chun lovers, and your family a new year of prosperity, happiness and success.
Thanks for your love and interest.
Si-fu Nguyen Ngoc Noi

Some breathing techniques of Vietnam Internal Style Family Wing Chun

As you know, breathing exercises are an important method in an internal style of martial arts in the process of training for qi as a source of strength, hence the methods for "inner strength" and "internal work". Viet Nam internal style family Wing Chun (Vinh Xuan Noi gia) has several methods of breathing, where the most basic method is the main method in the training process. Other methods will be at its discretion the teacher continue to teach the student depending on the complexity and achieved levels. All that we have written here, although not yet complete, but is the truth.
Recently I have received many letters from enthusiastic readers asking for private lessons about "Nei kung". I am very grateful to the authors of these letters for big interest in the "Nei Kung", but I want to reiterate that the breathing exercise is a gradual process, following from low to high levels (although it may have reduced exercise, which I do not know). The Kung Fu of my Sifu, including "Nei Kung" was passed on from Grandmaster Nguyen Te Cong, reached a high intensity and subtlety. But the sad truth to tell you that our kung fu today is still far away from my Sifu. It is our fault in front of Sifu and the sect, as we try to overcome the situation, grind workout to emulate their predecessors. For us, Vinh Xuan kung-fu style, including "Nei Kung" is the highest kung fu.
So here are several techniques of breathing, passed on by my Sifu during the years of my studies:
1. The very basic method of breathing:
In the article my student, Tran Thanh Ngoc, head coach of our school, presents in detail the main method of breathing Vinh Xuan Noi gia. Although we call it the basic and seemingly simple method, but the effect of breathing exercises is so great. The main method of breathing is also known by other names like "abdominal breathing", "breathing the moment of conception," "breathing elixir field" ("Dantian"). Not without reason the ancient people called the center point on the human body, "Dantian" which means a field of growing Dan, one of the valuable herbs and their point of view brings elixir man. I read in the papers about the monk reached a level that after death his body remained intact over time. As is the case with monks in the Đậu temple in Ha Tay province, Vu Khac Minh and Vu Khac Truong, where one of them is Dantian Zen master. He proved that by training, a person can create for yourself the wonderful abilities as Dan workout in the body. Unfortunately, in the 60s, many of the ignorance of the monk's body was burned, as well as several other bodies of monks who are over the same level. I remember when every time I visit the cemetery Van Dien, where lies the tomb of my Sifu. I'm with my students, riding bikes and stopped at the Đậu temple to admire the remains of two monks, Vu Khac Minh and Vu Khac Truong, and to remind each follow the example of other predecessors in constant training. It has been over twenty years and I thought that kung fu that was passed down by our predecessors, is invaluable and nothing is simple and the fact is that we do not have sufficient reason, grace, dedication, effort to achieve the goal of kung fu.
2. The breathing techniques of Qi and improving internal strength:
  1. Breathing small heavenly cycle (Tieu Chu Thien): This method of breathing used by many styles of kung fu, including Vinh Xuan Noi gia. You can find on the shelves in libraries, bookstores or on the Internet a lot of documents or books published and kept up to date, telling about the wonders and the exercise of this method. There are some differences in training between different styles, so students must be engaged under the instruction of his teacher's style and do not try to do it individually. I also want to notice that the techniques of breathing exercises have a close organic relationship within the human body, especially the high teaching methods. Any errors are very dangerous to humans. To train the breath of the small heavenly cycle, the student must be proficient in the basic method.
  2. Breathing large heavenly cycle (Dai Chu Thien): Like breathing in the small heavenly cycle, there was a lot of papers and books written about breathing large heavenly cycle. Although the length of the breaths of this cycle is described differently. Therefore, like breathing in the small heavenly cycle students must also train under the instruction of his teacher's style and do not try to do it individually. Breathing large heavenly cycle is to direct and circulate the Chi to one’s hands and feet. This method requires individuals with an increased level of kung fu, as the length of the breaths is longer. So to move to the large heavenly cycle, the student must be proficient in the breath of the small heavenly cycle.
  3. Breathing "Vinh Xuan Qigong": This method is unique style of Wing Chun breathing, or simply as a method of dynamic breath-style of Vinh Xuan. In Vinh Xuan Noi gia, this method is used to teach only students who have long time in practice. Like breath on a large heavenly cycle, this method also requires a long path of movement of breaths, so the student must be good at breathing exercises in advanced.
3. Breathing Nei Kung:
The "Nei Kung" of Vinh Xuan has the source of qi or in other words: the nature of Nei Kung is Qi. Nei Kung is unique and is the top secret method of the sect and will only be passed on to successor disciples. "Nei Kung" is the highest method of breathing from all of the above methods of breathing techniques of our Vinh Xuan Noi gia. In order to be able to breathe in "Nei Kung", the student must exercise good breathing exercises. And is not casual, as many people think that engaging in "Nei Kung", you can immediately have this method. To learn more about this method, please find other articles I wrote before. I hope that you will have a correct view of the "Nei Kung".
In fact, there are also other breathing techniques, styles represented Vinh Xuan. Many people have asked me, but unfortunately, my Sifu did not tell me about these methods. Not knowing about it, I would not dare to express my opinion about other breathing techniques, and ask a mutual understanding. I explained just what had learned from my Sifu. Perhaps there are still many things that I did not learn from my Sifu, and maybe my luck was short, I had to leave my Sifu early, losing the chance to continue my training. But still for me to have Karma to the sect is a great happiness and what we have learnt a little or too much depend on our Karma. "Martial arts doctrine infinite" - who has deep knowledge in order to know its vastness. So I apologize for my lack of knowledge.
Thank you very much and thank you for your attitude towards us.
Hanoi, October 10th, 2006
Si-fu Nguyen Ngoc Noi

Some additional sharing points of view on breathing exercise

In recent years, many students, not only from primary classes A11, A12 but also from higher classes which have a long-term in training, they asked me about the breathing process. Although I have just answered them all, but I thought that this problem is general in nature and many will arise, so I decided to give an opinion on key issues through the Web site of the school, so that together we were able to increase our knowledge and advance in the way of training. The main issues are as follows:
  • How do I overcome unfocused during breathing exercises, dealing with different thoughts in my head. Should I stop the exercise or engage in any other way?
  • Can I use other methods to facilitate breathing breathing exercises in the training style Vinh Xuan Noi gia?
As everyone know from ancient times, initially focusing on the breathing exercises is very difficult, not only for beginners. This is even stronger impact on our time with the market economy, when every day, every hour a person is suffering from diverse influences in his life. Usually, when you're busy with main business, other influences temporarily postponed, but in silence, especially during exercise breathing, they begin to break out and affect your thoughts, not allowing focus on respiratory movement. In practice, this phenomenon people call "the soul of a monkey, the will of a horse" it is when the thoughts in one’s head, in soul and rarely mixed, and sometimes does not aim at something specific, such as breathing exercises. Thoughts are constantly moving from one to another cause, like a monkey jumping haphazardly, the horse runs anywhere, not on a particular sight and direction. Then our task is to lock the monkey in a cage, that is, our soul should not think of any, and attach the bridle, without giving the horse run anywhere, i.e. not allow our will to think spontaneously. All of this is the intention that we should take before commencing to breathing exercises, though this is not easy, especially for beginners. But if we surrender, passing exercises with simple thoughts that start, when to relax or concentrate, then we are wasting precious time, while the time for breathing exercice of many people are rare. In parallel, we showed our lack of knowledge about breathing exercise process.
The breathing process has two steps. The right process is step by step. But sometimes we combine two steps into one, it is positive when a person has good concentration, to save time, but it is not always easy to obtain. The two steps are as follows:
  • Regulation of the body (to regulate the body itself, to better and more effective breathing exercise);
  • Regulation of breathing (ie breathing exercises to train).
During the exercises the breath when we were influenced by "the soul of a monkey, the will of a horse" we should not stop the exercise, and it is better to concentrate on the regulation of the body. My experience and also requiring in fact breathing and to whom I exchanged views with many of the guys are gathering ideas for the control of his body, smooth body and proverka correct posture sitting (head, torso, legs, arms). When you practice this, do not care about how your body control breaths, let it self regulate breathing. Collection of thoughts to control your body in a smooth and correct posture seating is a task for which you want to lock in a monkey cage, and loschad lead to the stable. This problem is what we have to do before commencing with the intention of breathing exercises, although the execution is many lessons. As we can control our body, breathing exercise will be easier and more efficient, the main run by the rule of succession, without stopping phases. There are many techniques of breathing exercises, each of whom has a different nature, purpose and type of exercise. There are breathing method which divides into 2 periods and very similar to the basic breathing technique of Vinh Xuan Noi gia, while others are divided into 3, 4 periods, where the duration of the period made depending on the purpose of this method, as it is compressed breathing, breathing in the bones, breath of the internal organs, respiration rate, respiration of the small heavenly cycle, the breath of the great heavenly cycle, etc. The basic breathing method of Vinh Xuan Noi gia is the most important method, and passes through the entire process of training, not at the same time using other methods of breathing. If one is good at the basic breathing method, the teacher will check if it is OK to move to the next steps of breathing techniques, in parallel with the main method of exercising. You should know that among all the methods of exercise, breathing exercises require the highest concentration, as well as a sense of sophistication and insight, as they are key to the practice of “Kuan Yin” in ancient times. Breathing method is a technique with great effect and directly affects the internal body. Therefore, when we have irregular breathing or respiratory use methods that do not understand their purpose and essence, to lead to negative impacts on inside the body and not provided for bad influences on them. I hope you're careful during respiration (like I wrote in some articles), observing the principles of breathing techniques while listening to the instructions of highly experienced teachers. Although all styles of martial arts extension comply with the principle of "Will manages chi, chi fills force", but more importantly, on which style we follow we should use the breathing techniques of that style. Do not try to mimic other interesting methods and proceed immediately to the practice. For example, when we do not have enough chi, as well as experience in the practice of breathing exercises and try to have Qi, it is not only impossible but also very harmful.
I hope that with the above mentioned will help you (even a little) in practice breathing exercises.
"Martial arts doctrine infinite" - who has deep knowledge in order to know its vastness. So I apologize for my lack of knowledge.
Thank you for your interest in this article.
Hanoi, September 28, 2010
Si-fu Nguyen Ngoc Noi
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