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A brief introduction to Meditation
(Excerpt from the book "The nurturing vitality in Vinh Xuan Noi gia" written by Master Nguyen Ngoc Noi)
Currently there are many books on Meditation, including the perception, recognition, analysis, assessment of meditation on many angles. With nearly 40 years of practicing personally, from Yoga (Figure 1) to Vinh Xuan Noi gia (Figure 2), and as in my own enlightenment, I would like to introduce some of my understanding of meditation as follows:
Meditation is the method of practice of the Buddha and is the only method of cultivation to help the practitioner can go to absolute enlightenment, and is the most effective training method that a practitioner can be achieved the purpose of his training.
Fig. 1Fig. 2
During the transmission of Buddhism to his disciples, the Buddha said to people that the only way to achieve absolute enlightenment (release, Moksha) for practicing meditation is: "There is no meditation without wisdom, and there is no wisdom without meditation". That is why the word "Peace" usually sounds along with the word "Meditation" - Meditation Peace. Only with these words "There is no meditation without wisdom, and there is no wisdom without meditation " is already clear the path that the practitioner has to go if he wants to achieve the main goal. In short, meditation is the only way that leads to the release. That is the only one way, extends a lifetime, and sometimes even through several human lifes, and to end the practice bogazhem this road is just meditation, and meditation is the only way that a practitioner has to take to reach the last target of the practice.
Only with meditation, practitioner can achieve absolute tranquility (peace) to his ego appears as completely a flat lake, clear to the depths. Hence the mind and develop awareness of Wisdom, a practitioner is total control of all its sides. Man and the Universe reunite into one. Life and death are of no importance to the practitioner, the man is released, and it is the last target of the practice.
In religious meditation (I want to mention the word "religion"), I think that the religious should still "realize (enlightment)" the absolute truth, which Bodhidharma taught the practitioner, which was able to reach the religious exemption. This meditation is created without a word, passed beyond dogma, just straight to the heart, by the nature of the Buddha.
I'm not religious, but over time with the practice of meditation, following the method of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, I have a few knowledge about the "religious" and now I can set out for discussion, together we should be able to find a better way to Meditation for everyone.
In martial arts training, nurturing vitality or other methods to reach potential human, meditation is the most effective method, which helps the practitioner to achieve the goal of training, along with many other methods. Through meditation practitioner can include other methods of training as a method of breathing, circulation of qi, meditation techniques fantasy ... through which the fastest and best potentials excites people, it brings the practitioner to a very high level of kung fu, that other methods could hardly bring such results.
This is the book I wrote on nurturing vitality, so I can not say much about the other areas. Request permission to present a few of their terms Meditation awareness during practice. To understand more about meditation, you can learn more through a lot of work on Meditation.
For those interested in kung fu Vinh Xuan Noi gia and nurturing vitality Vinh Xuan Noi gia, please read my book on "nurturing vitality in Vinh Xuan Noi gia." I sincerely thank you.
Hanoi, the first days of the New Year 2013
Master Engineer Nguyen Ngoc Noi – Head of the Vietnam Internal Style Family Wing Chun school
Board member of the Committee of the Hanoi Martial Arts Association
Grand Master 10DAN, President-Patriach, Vice President of the Polish Federation of Martial Arts