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Some discussions about wood dummy
After I introduced the history picture of our branch when we took a picture of our sifu with his classmate, I received some questions ask me to explain detail about dummy. I would like to discuss and answer these questions about wood dummies with plesure.
As you know, Wood dummy in Hanoi have special shapes  bellow:
1-   Our dummy shape was introduced in our website:
The dummy is called “ three hands dummy” that means the dummy have three hands. In fact that, there is one more hand in the bottom of the dummy’s body ( We use “hands” to call all the barlings that are arranged in the dummy’s body). However, this hand is not used for 108 movements with dummy, we only use it for another technique and practices. According I wrote in the last article  bài trước This kind of dummy is created by my sifu recommendations. Nowaday, The kind of wood dummy is used in our school, Master Tran Thiet Con ( or Master Sinh) ‘s school and Master Tran Le Hoai Ngoc ‘s school. Additional, I also see some more another shools where have wood dummy shapes like ours.
2-   The Hongkong dummy shape:
The dummy have a big advantage that user can change its location, size, high to be suitable with different people. Moreover, the dummy’s hands is designed as deflecting hands, so that although a small wood can be made a dummy.
3-   The multiple hand dummy shape:
The dummy’s orginal have not been defined. In my opinion, The dummy is rised by creative of people who base in their hard experienced progress. They designed the dummy to serve their own pratice objective that they defined by theirselve after getting the hard practicing experiences.
The different dummy shapes for different practicing lessones, different practicing dummy methods that is natural. However, there are a lot of same characteristics because of the same dummy practicing.
In our 108 movement with dummy form, when we pratice, our legs just move in the spot ( the same with 108 movement form), do not move up or down or circle. With practicing methods of another wood dummy, I just know through movie, photographs, documents and also never pratice; therefore I cannot assess about these methods. However, all practicing methods with dummy have the same requirements for people who want to practice with dummy. The practicing people have to get a high skill about boxing forms that will help them understand and get benefit through practicing with dummy. Practicing with dummy technique is high technique for senior students ( or only for internal senior students) that not only in Vietnam but also in another country.
The above discussion is some my opinions about Wood Dummy, I hope that my sharing is useful for you and can help you improve your knowledge about wood dummy. With pleasure, thank you so much for your attention  
Hanoi, 25/5/2006
Master- Engineer Nguyen Ngoc Noi
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