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Wingchun- clever and beautiful material art
(According Phu Nu Thu Do, No 6, 08/02/2006)
Wingchun- Origin, import and development process in Vietnam
Wingchun came from China in mid-seventeenth century, which was invented and contributed by a Buddhist nun -Ngu Mai Lao Ni, who is the great kungfu master  of the Shaolin Sect. She always torment that why women and men have the similar teacher with the similar practice skill but they always lost, it’s really not fair. Therefore, she paid attention,  analysis by her best effort  and creative a new material art which is very suitable for women. The name of the material art is name of her first student : Yim Wing Chun. Wing Chun is not only the very high fighting effect, but also maintains a high nourishing skill.
In the end of 1939, Master Nguyen Te Cong, moved from Hong Kong  to Vietnam, he taught Wingchun in Vietnam. Master Nguyen Te Cong is the first person teaches Wingchun in Vietnam, he created Vietnamese Wingchun. There are a lot of people who are interested in studying Wingchun when they still are pupil, such as  Doctor Pham Khac Quang, Lawyer- Nguyen Thanh Vinh and the General Secretary of The Lao People's Revolutionary Party- Kaysone Phomvihane and so on. Additional, there are many successful masters in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, eg. the late masters- Tran Van Phung, Tran Thuc Tien, Ngo Si Quy, Do Ba Vinh, Ho Hai Long, Luc Vien Khai and so on. Students of the late master- Nguyen Te Cong was continuously teaching Wingchun for thousands students until now. Only in Hanoi, there are more than 10 material art schools teaching Wingchun, which proves that Wingchun is more and more polulal in Vietnam.
The particular of Wingchun in the life:
In 1970s, the famous movie star- Bruce Lee made the world know the particular of Wingchun in fighting. Everyone looked at Wingchun by new eyes, because it is a very elaborately and new actions. In fact that Wingchun is a internal family material art ( NHU QUYEN), which is suitable with characteristic of woman because the creator of Wingchun is a Buddhist nun. Wingchun does not require student to pay their muscular strength instead of relaxing, flexibility, simplicity in every single movement, however, it implies a high internal power and effective. All of methods and techniques are natural . The gold key can open all the successful doors in Vingchun that is your will and hard working, hence,  Wingchun is very suitable for officers. Moreover, Wingchun  is also suitable for citylife: do not require pratice place ( you can pratice in only 2-3m2), no pratice equipment, no noise, no effect to anypeople. 
Master Tran Thuc Tien is one of students of Master Nguyen Te Cong, before he study Wingchun, he got TB –level 3. This is a big trouble for him because TB is one of the most dangerous desease in 1940s. However, Wingchun and Mater Tran Thuc Tien gave him a big chance to live and more than that living healthy, destroyed the desease and achived a very high level skill of Wingchun technique. His weight was only 48 -50 kg but He wass till very fine after the late boxing champion – Pham Xuan Nhan hitted in his body by the best effort. Although he stand by one feet but the champion cannot push and move him.
Mrs Nguyen Thi Bich Van, is his student also, had to stop her job because of desablement when she was 30 years old. She had went to a lot of hospital and use every kind ofpossible medicines but her situation was not changed. She joyed a wingchun class of Master Tran Thuc Tien and luckyly she is received internal methods and techniques from him. After only short time, she not only recovered but also she have internal power that is a most special technique of Winchun. She can stand with a lot of sputums and kicking in her body like Master Tran Thuc Tien.  Until now, noone can think that she is 65 years old, she is younger than her age too much. Master Nguyen Khac Vien also follow and study Wingchun. He combine Wingchun with some other kind of techniques that help him lengthen his life tens years than what doctors guess about his living ability. Master Nguyen Khac Vien analysis and wish he can apply Wingchun in sport lessons in Vietnamese education system. There are too much another case who came with Wingchun and luckyly can receive benefits not only for their healthy but also for their soul like that.
According the old boxing champion – Pham Xuan Nhan : “ the techiques of Wingchun is awesome and fantastic. I love and admire so much” (according  toàn văn lời tâm sự của bác Phạm Xuân Nhàn in website: Mrs Nguyen Thi Bich Van - a wingchun senior teacher, a writer said that “ The praticing techniques and methods are very valuable, because the Kungfu can help people who almost pass away can recover and more than that live with healthy body and strong espirit. Professor Nguyen Manh Nham, manager of Wingchun Hanoi Club, wth 50 years to become fond of Wingchun, He said Wingchun is a very valuable treasure, a very noble heritage, there is so lucky for us that we can know and receive quintessences of Wingchun.
We wish that Wingchun, the material art of Spring, The material art of beauty will help people find out secret abilities that are deep inside their body and soul. Bringing to everyone wealthy, fresh, young, beauty and full of energy like the Spring.   
Hanoi, 05/01/2006
Manager of Internal Wingchun School
Master-Engineer Nguyen Ngoc Noi
(Người dịch: Huấn luyện viên, - thạc sĩ Dương Thùy Dung)